The best time to show kindness..

Today I came across a link, that opened my mind and gave me lots of thoughts to think.

🙂 Yes, I agree to it. I was not able to practice it due to short temper. It says the best time for kindness is to give it in a moment where it is hardest to give. The link shows us an example of a kind dog, who before her last moments bit her owner due to the pain she was suffering. She wasn’t angry at him. It was due to the pain inflicted on her that she rashed out on him. She also didn’t mean to hurt him because she loves him and that is not her nature. It was the pain that made her do it.

True, there are many people out there. They might rash out their inner conflict on others who are totally innocent and hurt them. The reason can either be attached to them or not be attached to them. In either way, such people needs love, care and understanding. It is upto us, to show them that love. 10325624_484990351632971_7384399414143140016_n

Its required of us to hold our tongue. If we want to let go our emotions, I suggest to shout it onto the four walls of an empty room (however that’s just my suggestion! Its better solution than to go out and bash it on someone we love.) Furthermore, let prayer guide your way out. Speak your distress to the supreme power.1613886_786813841349359_5253965685922393507_n You will be relieved to find out that He has the solution. Or meditate on yourself, You can get the solution within you. 🙂